Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Gilded Room in the Delta...

Did I get your attention?  Sounds interesting, huh?  Well, let me tell you, it is....

Meet The Gilded Room by Stephanie.  This vendor has an amazing ability to stage a space to look like a million bucks!  She is a local vendor who exhibits in Antiques at the Loop in Mobile, and in Chicago, as well.  I feel very fortunate to have her participating as a vendor at Down in the Delta--A Vintage & Antiques Market, and can hardly wait to see what she brings to put together a gilded room in the delta.  

Stephanie describes her look perfectly..."The Gilded Room where European old world elegance meets rustic country charm. Specializing in Country French Cottage. To include furniture, lighting and wonderful linen clothing. Plus a sprinkling of frenchy garden elements that can be used either inside or out."

I've chatted with her a few times over the last couple of weeks, and she is hard at work sourcing the perfect pieces to put together a well-appointed shop at the market.  

I'll share with you some shots of her space at the antiques mall in Mobile.  As it's currently staged, it shows more of her "old world elegance" look, but come spring, it will transform into a mix  that includes a little more of the "rustic country charm."  I will stop writing now and show you the pictures!

Did you see the altar piece in that last shot?  That is one gorgeous piece...and the floor lamp up in that second pic that looks like a street light?  That would look great in any space...

If you see something here that you would love to see at the market, mention it in a comment and we'll see what we can do.  

As she mentioned in her description above, she also carries a line of casual, comfortable linen clothing that she plans to bring to the market---just in time for your new spring wardrobe shopping.  

One last thing, I wanted to mention here.  Stephanie went up to Live Oak Landing to check out the venue for the market, and I want to share with you what she said. (I hope it's okay, Stephanie!)  

"I took a ride up to Live Oak Landing and what an absolutely beautiful site for a show.  I hope other potential vendors realize how stunning the location is."

I'll have to agree--it is magical.

To see more vendors featured as we get closer to showtime, follow the blog.  It's easy to follow and you can get a reminder whenever a new post goes up--just follow on Bloglovin'. Click the button on the sidebar on the right side of the page.

Thanks for joining me and I hope you're having a great week!

Welcome-Check Out the Website!

Hi and thanks for visiting the blog page.  I would love for you to jump over to the website to get a good impression of everything that the market will have to offer. That website is  

If you are a vendor of nice vintage/vintage inspired or antiques goods, please consider joining us.  Click on "applications" for more info.

I also still need a couple of food vendors.  Information can be found there, on the "applications" page, as well.

I will see you back here in a few hours with some sneak peak pics of another of the great vendors who will be participating in the Vintage & Antiques Market in April.

Friday, January 22, 2016

A Congratulations and Some Changes

Congrats to Laura Morgan who was the winner in our giveaway for a pair of Early Bird tickets! Watch for more giveaways to start soon.  The more ways you follow, the better your chances are to can follow the blog here by Bloglovin', facebook, or Instagram.  

For the vendors out there...I've heard from some of you that you would really like to participate, but you prefer to use your own 10 x 10 tent.  I've decided to make a change to accommodate you!  I'm no longer going to have a large white tent.  And as a result, the fee schedule has changed a bit to make it more affordable for those of you who wish to bring your own tent.  Please note:  YOUR TENT MUST BE WHITE.  If you don't have a white tent, I will have some available to rent.  This will also allow me to spread the individual tents out a bit which will give you more space around the edges, if you prefer to stage your booth with items spilling out to the sides and front.  To see the new fee schedule, go to the website page "Applications" and you will find it there, along with all information needed to apply. This is a juried market, so once you apply, please allow me a few days to look at the pictures and get back to you.  Early registrations will get you a 15% discount; to qualify spaces must be reserved by January 29.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Giveaway for Two Early Bird Tickets Ends Today!

Today is the last day to enter for the giveaway of two Early Bird Tickets. If you plan to come to the market, you need to get in on this giveaway.  It's valued at $56--includes two hours of early shopping before the general admission crowd comes in, and you will get breakfast.  (More details on what you get at the website--home page.) To enter-

1. Go to facebook and "like" the Down in the Delta, LLC page, then scroll down until you find a post with this picture:

2. Share it, 

3. Then leave me a comment on that post telling me you've met all three requirements.  

The drawing will occur at 5:00pm, Alabama time, and I will announce the winner on facebook.

Good luck!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Some Storied Jewelry

Today I'm sharing some very special jewelry, created by a very special lady, Debi. Why is her jewelry so special?  Well, besides the fact that it is simply fabulous looking, each piece has a story, and she loves to tell you about each piece of wearable art and how it came to be.

Debi, like most people who lived in Coastal Alabama and Mississippi, lost most of her belongings to Hurricane Katrina back in 2005.  She had been a collector of vintage costume jewelry, and most of it was ruined. But being a visionary, Debi saw that there was still value in the little jewels...she just needed to give them new life.  She began to deconstruct the pieces and started putting new forms together as she saw them in her mind's eye.  Beautiful new jewelry began to take shape, and before she knew it, she had made many new special pieces.  

I remember admiring Debi's gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces as she wore them to a popular monthly estate sale that we both attend.  I never walked up to her to talk to her about her adornments until a couple of months ago.  I'm so glad I finally did.  

I can not wait for Debi to show her jewelry as a vendor in the market on April 1-2. You will be blown away by their beauty and stories.  Here are some pics of several pieces.

If you like what you see here, you need to attend the market.  She is bringing along quite a show for us.

More information on the market can be found at the website, Tickets may be purchased by clicking on the tab "Tickets" at the top of the homepage.

Thanks for visiting today!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Down in the Delta Hits the Road--The Lucky Rabbit

It's Wednesday, January 13th and I can't believe how fast this year has already started flying by!  January is half probably has something to do with the fact that getting this business up and going is keeping me so busy that I don't have time to look at the calendar!  I just notice now and again that a few more days are gone.  I have literally been running around like a crazy person.  There is so much work that goes into building a business, and you can only understand it if you've done it.  I will say, though, that I'm enjoying every minute of it.  And that could be because I get to go to really fun places to advertise the market, meet potential vendors and shoppers, and shop for fun finds to resale!

Last Thursday, I ran over to Laurel and Hattiesburg in neighboring Mississippi. There's this wonderland called The Lucky Rabbit that I had been hearing about and figured it was a place I needed to check out.  I had marked it on my calendar--January 7, The Lucky Rabbit, 9-6.  They are only open one long weekend a month, so you can imagine the line that forms outside.  I planned to leave early to get a spot in the front of the line.

I got up around 4:00 and headed out while it was still dark.  The route over is a very boring and notoriously dangerous two-lane road, and it was hard to hold my eyes open at times.  I really don't enjoy driving by's always more fun with a companion in the car, but on this trip, it was just me.  I actually contemplated pulling into the Dollar General parking lot and taking a little nap because the caffeine just wasn't helping much...but, then I thought about getting there late and ending up in the back of the line and that just couldn't be, so I kept driving. I'm a diehard early bird shopper at these events.  Some of my friends think I'm crazy, and I will admit that it is a bit of an obsession.  A little voice in my head is always whispering, "The early bird gets the worm."  So...I found myself there, on the sidewalk waiting in the wind in freezing temps with two other friendly early 8:00.

Looking through the glass...
We watched with anticipation through the glass doors as the ladies buzzed around getting things ready to open. The first 25 through the doors got a certificate for a free Lucky Rabbit logo t-shirt.  It's a cute shirt, so that was nice.  See?  The early bird did get a worm!  And, I got the first look at the treasures as soon as the doors opened.

I did grab several of those treasures--they will be up for grabs at Down in the Delta--A Vintage & Antiques Market, and I met some wonderful new friends.  I will go ahead and put The Lucky Rabbit on the calendar for next month.

After loading my car and getting ready to leave, I paused to grab a couple more pics, just because it looked so dang cute.

For first looks at my adventures, follow me on Instagram where I share events as they happen.  I am also on facebook where I have been giving away some goodies.  There's actually a giveaway going on now with a drawing for two free Early Bird Tickets (a $56 value that includes breakfast!) to the market.  You have to like, share, and comment to get in on that fun!  Drawing will be January 18th, so hurry!  Look for the facebook post that was posted on January 4th that begins with, "How about a giveaway?".....Follow the link above.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll come back often or follow with new posts coming straight to your mailbox by clicking on Bloglovin (on the right sidebar)....I enjoy having you here!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Introducing Ramona's Michigan Antiques

I've mentioned Ramona's Michigan Antiques in some of my recent posts, and she will be bringing her Miss Lillian's No-Wax paint to the market, so I thought it would be fun to introduce you to Ms. Ramona.  Oh, and she will be showing us some painting tips and tricks in the demo tent during the event too, so be watching for the schedule of events to be posted if that's something that interests you.  She has a fabulous business in Antiques at the Loop in Mobile, AL where she features her painted furniture, but she has lots of other fun things too!  Today, I'll focus on the line of paint that she sells and some of her painted pieces.  

I went over and took a few pictures yesterday (I needed to buy paint!) and this is my favorite...because it reminds me of jelly beans or some other fun colorful candy. Why does my brain always think food?  Food with sugar...Anyway, isn't it pretty?  

Oh, and you're probably wondering why the bottles are upside down.  I'm wondering, too. Maybe it's to keep bits from settling in the bottom of the bottle if it's upright.  Seems to make sense that it would make it easier to mix this way when you flip it up to use it.  Let's just ask! Ramona, would you please leave a comment telling us why the bottles are upside down? I'm storing my two bottles upside down since that's the way they were here...

...and there's metallic paint too!  I'm anxious to use this on something, but I have to figure out exactly what I'll do with it.  Seems like it would be pretty to highlight carved details in wood, or edges.  I'm sure she will show us in the demo tent what these fabulous colors can do for our painted pieces...See all the sample boards and little sticks dipped in paint?  Lots of fun going on here!

This piece is in her shop at the moment...See how she painted right over the old hardware? Interesting.  Looks nice.

In this shot, you can see several painted pieces in different colors.  I'm in love with the little farm table.

Here's a little side table, aka demilune table.  It's painted in English Tapestry over Irish Creme, and then topped with a Burnt Umber Glaze.  This great little piece could be used anywhere.  I love it too...look at those legs!

I've saved the best for last.  This piece is my absolute favorite!  It's painted in Snowflake over French Toast.  Wouldn't it be a pretty entertainment center?  It would be equally as pretty in the dining room, or used behind a sofa in an open concept space....

She has brochures that show all color options and products available.  

I'm so excited to have Ramona participating in the Vintage & Antiques Market on April 1 & 2. Can't wait to see what she brings along with her!  If you're coming to the market, you might want to bring a truck!