Saturday, December 2, 2017

How to Make a Beautiful Loopy Bow

When I learned to make a bow using this easy technique, I wondered why I hadn't been able to figure it out on my own, a long time ago.

I tried, many times, and not very successfully, to make bows using the old technique where you loop the ribbon, holding it tightly in your fingers, twisting every loop, trying to hold it all together as it slipped and slid around...never did work very well for me.

So, without wasting any more time, let me show you how easy it is!

1.  Gather together your wire edged ribbon, some scissors and a piece of mat board, cardboard or a hardback thin book to use to wrap the ribbon around.  You'll want the board/book to be approximately the size that you'll want your finished bow to be.  This book measures (longest side) about ten inches, so I'll end up with about a ten inch bow.

2.  You'll want to start out with a "tail" that will hang from the finished bow (you can't see the tail in this image, as I've folded it in the back so that it's out of the way) so allow that length at the beginning and then start wrapping your ribbon around the book.  One complete turn around the book will create two loops.  I wrapped around the book five times to make a ten loop bow.  Also, at this point, you'll want to reserve a piece of ribbon to use at the end of the process to tie it all together.  I used a piece about 24" long.

3.  Once you have the desired number of loops wrapped around the book, you'll cut the ribbon.  Allow another length for the second tail that will hang opposite the first tail.  Very carefully slip the loops from the book and hold it all in place with your finger.

4.  Now, fold the loops in half, pinching it all together between your thumb and fingers. 


5.  Cut a little triangle off of each side where it's folded in half, being careful not to cut all the way through the center.  This step takes away some of the bulk of ribbon that makes it so thick at the center.

6.  Now, once you've cut the triangles from each side, flatten it back out and it should look like the next image.

7.  Using the reserved piece of ribbon, simply tie it around the center where the triangles were cut away.  I like to tie twice, forming a knot that will not come apart.

8.  Begin forming the bow by pulling each loop up and shaping it.  Continue until you have a shape you like.  The wire really helps each loop hold it's shape.

9.  You should end up with something that looks similar to this.  For this tutorial, I just made a ten-loop bow so that it was easy to see the steps.  Using the same technique, you could make a really full bow with more loops if desired.

Now, go forth and put bows everywhere!!

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