Saturday, October 7, 2017

Easy Fall Home Decor Tip

This one is so easy, you'll be thinking, "Now, why didn't I think of that?"  

I frequently gather old books at our library when they have their sales for non-circulating and damaged books, usually paying a quarter for each one.  I love to use pages from books in different ways in my mixed-media art, and for whatever else strikes my fancy, so I always have a few in my stash.  

While contemplating fun ways to display my little pumpkins around the house, I decided to fill a dish (ironstone, of course!) with some shredded paper to form a little "nest" for the pumpkin.  It's a fun way to recycle, and it's waaay more interesting than regular old colored shredded paper from a bag!  So, I grabbed a couple of my old books with slightly different tints of discolored, old, white paper pages, and I headed to the shredder.  I ran the pages through so that the cuts would run parallel with the print.  I thought it might be fun if you could still read the little words on the strips...

Once I had enough, I scooped up some in my hands and scrunched it, then scrunched some more until it was all fluffy.  Then, I put it all together and it worked exactly like I had hoped!  

This one ended up on the coffee table atop a stack of seasonal magazines.

Here's a closer look...

...and, now, a couple of CLOSER looks!

It's so much fun to reach in and mix it all up, and then, well, I could just sit there and look for words forever!  It's actually a lot of fun...

I'm using an ironstone bowl, the shred, and then the pumpkin, but I'm just thinking of all the different ways you could use this!  In a gift basket (just like you would use the regular kind that you buy at the store) or around plants...It would be so pretty in a silver plated bowl, too!  Oh well, you get the idea.  

If you decide to play in shredded pages, I would love to see what you come up with!  

Please, just make sure you don't shred a book that's still good or valuable in some way.  

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