Thursday, February 2, 2017

Is it tile? Or Paper?

I'm kicking myself right about now, because I forgot to take a pic of this little table before I hit it with paint!  It's SO HARD for me to remember to do that....oh well, I do have a shot of it right after I put the white paint on it, but before I added the bits that make it pretty.

My plan was to decoupage some pretty scrap-booking paper to the top, making sort of a collage that resembles tile.  There are so many pretty papers out there in Michael's and Hobby Lobby...I could spend hours there just looking through them. But since I didn't have hours, to make the process go a little faster, I took along some other things that are going into the space.  That was a huge help in finding perfectly coordinated papers for the project. 

Here are the three that I chose.  For some reason, I couldn't get the top paper to photograph with the true pretty green that it is, but the other two look exactly right!

You can see from the first picture--the top looks sort of rough.  Originally, it was topped with a piece of old vinyl tile that was glued on, so it pulled up splinters of the plywood when I pulled it off. I probably should use some wood filler before I do the decoupage, but I'm not going to.  I believe the paper is thick enough that it will harden to be flat.

The table top measures about 14" x 14".  The paper sheets are 12" x 12".  I played with them until I found my favorite for the center.  I brushed the decoupage medium (glue) directly onto the table and carefully put the sheet of paper in the center, just eyeballing it. Using a brayer, I rolled over the paper applying pressure to push out the extra medium and flatten the paper. Working quickly, I used a paper towel to wipe up the excess glue.  I let the medium dry completely before I did the strips around the edge.

I measured around the edge to see what surface area was left, and made the decision to leave about a 1/8" white showing between the bits of paper to give it the grout look.  I used my handy paper cutter to get nice straight strips of paper.

Using the same process as with the big center sheet, I added the strips.  Once they were dry, I added the final little squares at the corners.

Once it was all completely dry, I covered the top with a layer of the decoupage medium to seal everything and give it a finished look.  The medium comes in several different finishes to include matte and gloss.  I went with the gloss.

Here is the finished table, shown in front of the other things that will be going into the space. The actual space is small, so I'm trying to stick with things that will easily fit.  This little table will be perfect beside the daybed to hold a lamp or cup of coffee.

I will be posting more as the project comes together.  Hope you'll come back to see the progress!


  1. Well that's just adorable! I'm fixated on the reversible blue and lime green blanket or quilt in that one picture. It has the same colors of the cabinet I just painted. Just FYI, St Paul's is having a furniture sale today (Friday) and tomorrow. Also the antique sale as well. Looks like lots of good stuff!

    1. Hey! Yes, the quilt that you see came from World Market, and has shams to match. It does look like the cabinet you painted, but in more muted colors--not quite as bright. I had St Paul's sale on my agenda today, but I got up sick this morning, so I didn't even make it to the estate sale in Mobile...Thanks for reminding me about it. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Very cute! I love all the colors.

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! I like to think of them as "happy" colors, and I hope it does bring a bright dose of happiness to anyone who stays in the cabin!