Monday, January 23, 2017

Something New...

My customers asked for more "Gypsy style" merchandise, and I listened...

As well as making more custom banners that will be available at all of our markets, I have also created some paper place mats that feature original custom collage artwork.  These products can ONLY be purchased through Down in the Delta.

Your first opportunity to see them up close will be at the Vintage Market Days event in Mobile on March 17-19.  I look forward to seeing you there, and I hope you like the new Gypsy products!

They were created on a chalkboard-like background.  (The heart is just a watermark, so try to ignore that!) They come twelve to a package for $8.  All twelve are one style.  I thought about making some assorted packages, but that would just cause problems, as some folks would be looking for multiples to fit a table for four, and others would be looking for six or eight.  This just keeps it simple.  You can just purchase the ones you like.

*Please try to ignore the heart/circle watermark...they do not appear on the actual product.

As always, remember that you can get "first looks" at my pickin', new creations, etc. over at Instagram...follow me here.


  1. I love the images. I saw you others on instagram. They're beautiful! What a great idea!