Monday, July 18, 2016

Lighting the Way

Last week, I took a little break from the yard work.  I had several meetings that I needed to attend on several different days, so I knew I wouldn't get much done out in the flower beds during the week...but I did decide to go out and look around and see what I could do one evening.  A snake slithered right through the corner of the bed a couple of feet away. Seeing a snake usually puts an end to my yard work for the season, but this year, I have to keep going.  I can't let Down in the Delta's market happen until the yard is all finished.  Anyway, maybe I'll get back to the yard work this week and I'll have something to share with you on the next post.

Today, hubby and I were going to get the mowing all finished, but it was raining when we got out of bed, and by the time we figured it was dry enough to mow, it started raining again!! Oh what could we do?

We decided to take care of some of the small jobs that had been hanging out waiting to be done, one being the new porch light.  It's been sitting in the floor in the box for a couple of months now.  So that's what we did.  It seems so much brighter than the old one, or that could be just because the front porch has been completely dark for a couple of months...Anyway, it's really pretty and I'm so happy something happens when I flip that switch now!

We are deep into the plans for the new gate and fence for the property.  I can't wait to share that with you, but the sharing is probably still a month or so away.  That project is about to get rolling. It takes four different contractors-and that's after we get the power out to the gate.  First, the concrete people come in and pour the footers for the columns that will be on the sides of the gate, then they do the concrete columns.  The stone mason will then show up and cover the concrete columns with some pretty rocks.  (The columns will have lights that match the one we just hung today on the porch- pic below.) Third contractor will be the gate man who will come in and put that in place, and finally, the fence will be put up.  It's a long process, and silly me...I thought we could get one person to do it all.  I'm really excited about the gate, because it will have my Down in the Delta logo trees and duck on it!!   

Here's a picture that I created to give the gate contractor an idea of what I wanted. I found a random gate picture online that looked like I could make it work with my logo.  I then put the logo on front of the gate.  So, if you jumped down there and looked at the picture before reading this paragraph, you're thinking right about now that I have a dog...just a picture.

Now I have these lights sitting around in boxes waiting to be installed...after the columns, and gate, and fence...

Hope you all have a terrific week and I'll see you again when I have something to show you.


  1. The light is beautiful. Can't wait to see the gate. Looking forward to October!!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! I can't wait to share a picture of the actual gate when it finally arrives!