Thursday, June 23, 2016

Flowers, Flowers and More Flowers

Picking up where I left off yesterday, I'm working my way around the house with sort of a virtual tour in still shots.  If you missed the post yesterday, click here.

Do you see the car in the carport?  It's in the center part of the house.  We are going to walk through there and will focus on the right side where the circle driveway goes through, and then we will take a path to the back patio.  

There is a long narrow bed of flowers beside the screened in back porch...It gets full sun almost all day long, so I planted sun-loving plants along this wall.  That white "border" is actually not permanent...see next paragraph.

Do you see the garden hose that I put on the ground to show where the borders will be?  I plan to fill it in with more flowers, all the way out to the edge, and the garden hose just helps me to visualize it.  I thought if I took a pic with it there, it would help you to see where the edge will be too.

I took these pics a couple of days ago.  Yesterday and today, I added more plants! I can't wait for it to be full and lush. It'll be fun to see how it looks in a month.  I'll have to post again for comparison.

I've planted mostly perennial flowers in this bed.  I did include a couple of annuals, just because I couldn't resist!  Some of the flowers planted:  dianthus, gaura, verbena, ruellia (Mexican petunia), tibochina enana (dwarf princess flower), rosemary, spirea, sweet potato vine, and canna lilies in a variety of colors.

From the driveway, a flagstone and brick path leads to the back patio. Once on the path, the fountain is to the left, on the other side of the boxwood hedge.  Around the fountain, I have bridal wreath spirea.

This next shot is from the other side of the fountain, looking back up toward the porch.

Here are a couple of good fountain pics from my old blog.  The only difference is that there are weeds around it now that need to be pulled!

The patio is raised.  I built it by using antique brick as the border/wall, then filled it in with sand which was topped with flagstone.  It created a level, terraced patio that you step onto when coming out from the porch through the screen door.  There is a step down when going to the fountain, as well.

Once you step up onto the patio, you are in another garden area.  This one is shaded. There are boxwoods on each side of the screen door.  They have been there four or five years, and I try to keep them trimmed to remain compact and round.

Shade loving or tolerating plants are hanging out in the back patio garden...ferns, azaleas, name a few. 

I have lots of little plants growing in the cracks of the flagstones.

So now we are in the back yard.  Another flower bed wraps around the corner of the house to the left from this view, and I'm working on that one now.  Stay tuned for developments there.

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Now, I need to go out and work some more....hope you all have a great day!  I'll be back with another post in a few days.