Thursday, May 12, 2016

Facelift Update

I told you about the venue for the Fall Market on the last post, and about some "facelift" projects that we would be working on soon to get it in tip-top shape for the event.  

The exterior painting is almost finished (I wrote this a week of today it IS finished!) and this week, some trees started coming down. After that, there will be stump grinding and then landscaping. That's when I will show pics of the entire place.

For now, let me show you some trees that came down yesterday, Thursday (the5th).  I should explain why we took trees out...We built the house sixteen years ago, and because we LOVE trees and the wooded feel of our property, we kept probably too many trees too close to the house.  As they've grown, it became evident that they would soon present problems with the foundation and also some of them were leaning toward the house, thanks to Hurricane Ivan.  We decided to go ahead and take them out rather than dealing with the damage that would occur later.  So that's the why, now let me show you where we were in the process at the end of the day yesterday.

Honestly, it was such a mess when they were finished...I wondered if we would ever get it cleaned up!

In all, six large oak trees came down, and probably five smaller ones.  We had them cut it up into pieces that would fit into our wood burning stove, and that's a good thing since we never got around to cutting firewood earlier this spring.

For a day or two, it looked like that...

Then, hubby got to work with his red tractor toy...

...grabbing and hauling off the limbs...then he needed to move some of the larger rounds of tree trunk so that the stump grinder could get into place to do that work. Hubby LOVES that grabber, jaw-looking thing-it comes in handy for lots of different jobs.

That stump grinder was a wicked piece of equipment!  And it was remote controlled!  I thought about asking him if I could try it...but only for a minute.  I figured his insurance agent probably wouldn't like that...

And, here is what it looked like after the grinding was finished.  There are many piles like this all around the house...I'm told we need to wait for it to rain hard a few times before we remove any of the extra dirt and wood chip mix.  That way, it should be nice and flat when the new sod goes down.

I can't wait to show pics of the finished house and yard!!  The painting is finished, trees are finished, and the stumps are gone.  Now, hubby will build a woodshed for all that firewood-on the schedule for this weekend-and then we'll split and stack the wood.  After that, we have a door to install...

...and caulk and paint.  The concrete needs to be pressure washed...then the landscaping will happen...I'm estimating another three or so weeks, and then I can finally take pictures of the entire place and share them!  

You're probably wondering why we are installing a door after the paint job was finished...Yes, we should have installed it before the painting.  We always forget that we built our house with 2 x 6 exterior walls, instead of the more commonly used 2 x 4s.  So, you can't just walk into Lowe's and purchase a pre-hung door for our house.  We had to special order it and it just came in yesterday (5/11).  Not a huge deal, but it would have been easier if it had arrived before the house painting.  

Now, I want to shout out to the fabulous people who have been working with us to get this all done...

The painters are a husband-wife team and they are so particular about doing a good job...if you are in Baldwin County, Alabama, and need some painters, contact them: Eddie's Painting at (251)504-0646.

Byrd's Tree Service took the trees down, cut it into firewood for us and trimmed some additional trees.  Another husband and wife team, they did an outstanding job and I'm recommending them, too. They service Escambia and Baldwin Counties in Alabama. Phone:  (251) 655-0514

And, for stump-grinding, call Bryan McGhee.  It only took him a little over two hours to grind all those stumps!  He can be reached at (251) 368-8850 or (251) 253-7299.

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  1. That sounds like you've got a ton of work going on around there. It's going to be a hive of activity for a while! I can't wait to see your before and after photos!! :)

    1. Thanks for popping by, Hope! It has been very crazy busy around here, and I can't wait to show you!

  2. So I'm reading back on some blogs I missed! Love the paint color!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! Appreciate you following along, even if it takes a while. I'm the same way...I catch up when I have a spare minute.

  3. So I'm reading back on some blogs I missed! Love the paint color!