Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Perfect Saturday Stroll Through Hydrangeas

Hi everyone!  Grab yourself a glass of tea (or whatever you drink) and sit down for a minute...I've got a treat for you.

I was able to escape the sidewalk installation job for a little while earlier today to visit my friend, Ramona, who invited me to her annual Hydrangea Stroll.  This was my first visit to her heavenly backyard garden, and it was such an inspiration, especially, since I'm right smack in the middle of trying to turn mine into something pretty.  Come along with me as I take a walk through her garden-see if you get inspired like I did!

These first two are the front yard, and that's not even what we were there to see....I knew I was in for a treat!


There are paths around the garden...let's take this one.

Now, let's take a closer look...

Did you see the bee in the one up above? 

See what I'm talking about?  I've never seen so many hydrangeas in one place before!

There are other perennial plants mixed in among the hydrangeas that provide bright pops of color that contrast with the mostly blue hydrangeas.

The bench--I'm slightly obsessed with this concrete bench!  Just look at all of the pretty little flowered bits of broken china that have been embedded into the top...It's hiding out in a shady little spot underneath a tree in the back corner of the garden.

And, hanging from trees, on the fence, and tucked into corners, you will see garden art and other things that have become garden's very whimsical and colorful.

Many people came through while we were there, and everywhere I went, I could hear people asking "hydrangea" questions of our hostess...

"How long did this all take to establish?" 
"What do you feed them?"
"Where do you buy them?" 

Her answers...She's been working on the garden for about ten years, she feeds them cottonseed meal twice a year (just "throws" it out) and she's been known to bring a variety home in a suitcase.  

Ramona goes "up North" frequently, and she brings home varieties that have not been known to grow well in Alabama just to see...sometimes they work.  

She happily shared her knowledge with everyone who had questions, and there were many.

Clearly, hydrangeas are her passion (or one of them!) and she has a green thumb for sure. I have a feeling I will be calling her for help as I attempt to establish something half as pretty at my place.

Now, it's back to the real world and all of that flagstone that's outside waiting for me....


  1. So beautiful! I love hydrangeas. We are getting a privacy fence installed next week and I'm getting so many ideas on how to "merchandise" it. I love the hanging pots. I also saw another idea where someone collected vintage metal serving trays and mounted them to the fence like artwork. The garden is a great place to create whimsy and recycle just about anything. Lovely post Judy!

    1. Thank you, my friend! I appreciate you stopping by to read my means a lot to me.
      You will have so much fun merchandising your fence! I had never even thought about "merchandising" a fence before...I guess I've just never had a privacy fence, so it's not something that was in the forefront of my mind, but it makes so much sense...I mean, it's just another wall, right? Can't wait to see what you do with your fence.