Thursday, April 21, 2016

Recap of the First Ever Down in the Delta-Vintage & Antiques Market-Part One

Wow, what a weekend it was!  We had lots of fun (I'm throwing this in first so that it doesn't seem like I'm starting off on a negative note!) and rain...yes, lots and lots of rain, and wind....thunder and lightning, flood warnings, blue tarps everywhere....having to walk through the rain to the food, because our food vendor was working her restaurant that was having flooding and sewer issues and couldn't get away. Venue lights that worked on a motion sensor and timer that kept going off after a couple of minutes because the sensor couldn't see any motion once the vendor assigned to that area had set up in front of it...every couple of minutes, someone had to go shake their foot in front of the sensor!  The first couple of days were indeed eventful, and I'll have to end this part by saying we did actually have a few die-hard shoppers who braved the crazy weather to come out and shop! They deserve medals, I'm telling you.  And the best vendors in the world were so pleasant and optimistic about the situation, right through it all--well, for the most part--99% of them were.  I'll not talk about that one...

The Live Oak Landing "residents" came to check out the market...
Oh, and we had drama!  I'm so glad I hired off-duty county deputies to keep our merchandise secure, because on the first night, they actually arrested someone!!! Okay, the arrest part was not actually as dramatic as I'm making it it turns out, the person who wandered into our venue had an outstanding arrest warrant, so it was just his unlucky night to run up on a place where a deputy was hanging out. But still, he could have stolen something if I hadn't had the deputy there.  I didn't ask what kind of crime he had supposedly committed-I decided it was best that I didn't know.  

It would be an understatement to say that for an event organizer, the weekend got off to a rocky start. This was my first Down in the Delta Vintage & Antiques Market, and I wanted it to be perfect!   Of course, I didn't let it get me down.  I just kept praying for a good weather on Saturday and attempted to accommodate the vendors as much as possible.  It was a rain or shine event, so it was going to go forward one way or another-just part of life on the Gulf Coast.

My sweet husband took a couple of days off work to help me and I will say that I couldn't have made it without him.  He is such a trooper...he did make a trip home though at one point to change into dry socks.  His feet were soaked.  And when he returned, it was with my big coffee urn, coffee, creamer and sugar.  He hijacked one of my booth tables and set up a coffee stand.  I think that's one of the reasons some of the men were able to hang around in the rain helping their wives--that coffee.  Good move on hubby's part.

It was also special for me to have many family members come to town to visit and support me during this first market.  My 84-year-old dad came down from Birmingham in his vintage Mustang convertible to attend and show his car in the car show.  My brother also came down from Birmingham, and our daughter flew in from Virginia to help.  Our two boys did their parts too, and my granddaughter, Leah, helped by selling drinks.  It was a real family affair.  I have the best family in the world...

My dad and his Mustang
Our daughter, Autumn in the black
jacket and granddaughter, Leah (sitting)
helped me in a huge way.  Thank you girls!

Once Saturday rolled around, the sun came out and we were blessed with a gorgeous day. My vendors made me proud...they took down the blue tarps, let the sunshine in and fluffed everything from the wet day before.

Linda from Coastal Charm helped me get the entry area situated with the plants and some outdoors things as we moved in a hurry to re-situate things after the great flood.  

Photo-Coastal Charm Interiors blog- Link here.
She had some picket fence sections that made perfect additions to my flower cart and flowers.

This was the location of my flower cart during
the flood.  It was moved to the entry area
outside on Saturday, but unfortunately,
I didn't get a pic of it was so cute outside!
It was a beautiful market!  I will share some random pics now...

To see more pics, please visit Linda's blog where she shares the market from her perspective.  Link here: 

Tomorrow I plan to share a little more about lessons learned from the first market, and plans for the next one.  I hope you'll come back then.

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  1. Thanks for the virtual tour Judy, I worried about you all weekend, I can't believe Mother Nature threw that rain on your parade! I was all set to come with a friend on Friday, but when I saw that forecast we cancelled, didn't want to drive so far in bad weather. I am so glad you didn't get discouraged, and had a beautiful day on Sat. I love the way everything was set up in the photos, especially the bright flowers scattered about. Your wagon is adorable! Hope to come if you do it in the fall!

    1. Thank you for the sweet note, Jenna. I'm so glad you didn't come out in that awful weather to come to the did the right thing. At one point, my husband couldn't even see the road when he went home for something. It was a beautiful Saturday, I guess it was Mother Nature making up for the Friday flood! I do hope to see you in October at the fall market. That event plan will have a rain date built in!!