Sunday, March 20, 2016

Farmhouse Furniture at the Market

It seems farmhouse furniture is all the rage right now...I mean, have you looked at Pinterest lately?

Image via Simply Farmhouse

Easy.  Casual.  Rustic.  Simple.  Kid friendly.  Indestructible. Brings farmhouse charm inside and sets the tone...looks great with other farmhouse-like touches, such as galvanized accessories, or really plays a fun game when paired with complete opposites, like contemporary glass and sparkles.

Via HoneyBear Lane

And, every farmhouse table needs a bench-at least on one side, if not both.  If you're as old as I am, it takes you right back to your grandmother's kitchen where you shared meals with siblings and cousins on Easter Sunday and other holidays. Yes, my grandmother had one of those benches that are so hot these days. Hmmm.  Now I'm wondering what happened to that old bench...

The bench above is very similar to the one that I sat on as a child at my grandmother's table.  I remember us kids all racing to the table to get to sit on the bench...what is it about benches that kids love?...

Farmhouse furniture is popping up in entry halls...

Via Etsy end tables...or slide two together and you've got a coffee table.

Via A Blissful Haven

If you love the farmhouse style furniture, be sure to check out Baldwin County Farmhouse Furniture at the market on April 1 & 2 where James will be set up with samples to show design/stain/paint options that are available for your special order. The samples will be for sale too, at some real good prices.  

Check out this table (below) that was a custom's 6 ft long, with a weathered oak stain and clear polyurethane for protection.  

And another one of his tables...notice the base on this one is different.  He makes several styles and will work with you to get one that's exactly what you're looking for.  

James, or JB to his friends and family, donates a portion of his proceeds to Wounded Warrior Project, a cause that is near and dear to him and his family. James is a veteran, so when you see him, thank him for his service, shake his hand, or give him a hug (this one is reserved for old ladies like me that are old enough to be his grandmother!)  as it's patriots like James that have made our country great.  

He also gives a portion of his furniture sales proceeds to the American Cancer Society, another cause that has impacted his family directly.  

I'm looking forward to seeing what all he brings to the market...I recently saw a "sneak peak" of a desk...and I should tell you that I saw it on Facebook, where you can follow along, too. Just click on this link:

Hope to see you Down in the Delta at The Vintage & Antiques Market on April 1 & 2.  Don't forget to get your tickets early to save a couple of dollars...they're $6 online and $8 at the market.  For tickets, follow this link:

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