Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Introducing Ramona's Michigan Antiques

I've mentioned Ramona's Michigan Antiques in some of my recent posts, and she will be bringing her Miss Lillian's No-Wax paint to the market, so I thought it would be fun to introduce you to Ms. Ramona.  Oh, and she will be showing us some painting tips and tricks in the demo tent during the event too, so be watching for the schedule of events to be posted if that's something that interests you.  She has a fabulous business in Antiques at the Loop in Mobile, AL where she features her painted furniture, but she has lots of other fun things too!  Today, I'll focus on the line of paint that she sells and some of her painted pieces.  

I went over and took a few pictures yesterday (I needed to buy paint!) and this is my favorite...because it reminds me of jelly beans or some other fun colorful candy. Why does my brain always think food?  Food with sugar...Anyway, isn't it pretty?  

Oh, and you're probably wondering why the bottles are upside down.  I'm wondering, too. Maybe it's to keep bits from settling in the bottom of the bottle if it's upright.  Seems to make sense that it would make it easier to mix this way when you flip it up to use it.  Let's just ask! Ramona, would you please leave a comment telling us why the bottles are upside down? I'm storing my two bottles upside down since that's the way they were here...

...and there's metallic paint too!  I'm anxious to use this on something, but I have to figure out exactly what I'll do with it.  Seems like it would be pretty to highlight carved details in wood, or edges.  I'm sure she will show us in the demo tent what these fabulous colors can do for our painted pieces...See all the sample boards and little sticks dipped in paint?  Lots of fun going on here!

This piece is in her shop at the moment...See how she painted right over the old hardware? Interesting.  Looks nice.

In this shot, you can see several painted pieces in different colors.  I'm in love with the little farm table.

Here's a little side table, aka demilune table.  It's painted in English Tapestry over Irish Creme, and then topped with a Burnt Umber Glaze.  This great little piece could be used anywhere.  I love it too...look at those legs!

I've saved the best for last.  This piece is my absolute favorite!  It's painted in Snowflake over French Toast.  Wouldn't it be a pretty entertainment center?  It would be equally as pretty in the dining room, or used behind a sofa in an open concept space....

She has brochures that show all color options and products available.  

I'm so excited to have Ramona participating in the Vintage & Antiques Market on April 1 & 2. Can't wait to see what she brings along with her!  If you're coming to the market, you might want to bring a truck!


  1. Miss Lillian's No Wax Chock Paint is stored upside down to make it easier to shake and mix the chalk through the jar. Chalk is heavy and drops to the bottom of the jar when it sits for a period of time. Each jar also has a bead in it to facilitate mixing. It is important to shake and flip the jars occasionally. All of these tactics together, prolong the shelf life of the paint.

    Thank you, Judy, for including me in this fun adventure called, "Down in the Delta". We are going to have so much fun!!!!

    1. Thank you, Ramona, for explaining the "why" to us. I hadn't discovered the bead yet, in mine, so now I'll know what to expect.
      We appreciate you taking part in our market! And, yes, we are going to have fun!