Friday, January 22, 2016

A Congratulations and Some Changes

Congrats to Laura Morgan who was the winner in our giveaway for a pair of Early Bird tickets! Watch for more giveaways to start soon.  The more ways you follow, the better your chances are to can follow the blog here by Bloglovin', facebook, or Instagram.  

For the vendors out there...I've heard from some of you that you would really like to participate, but you prefer to use your own 10 x 10 tent.  I've decided to make a change to accommodate you!  I'm no longer going to have a large white tent.  And as a result, the fee schedule has changed a bit to make it more affordable for those of you who wish to bring your own tent.  Please note:  YOUR TENT MUST BE WHITE.  If you don't have a white tent, I will have some available to rent.  This will also allow me to spread the individual tents out a bit which will give you more space around the edges, if you prefer to stage your booth with items spilling out to the sides and front.  To see the new fee schedule, go to the website page "Applications" and you will find it there, along with all information needed to apply. This is a juried market, so once you apply, please allow me a few days to look at the pictures and get back to you.  Early registrations will get you a 15% discount; to qualify spaces must be reserved by January 29.

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