Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sleepless in the Delta

I have to admit something to you....

I am looking forward to the first of the year so that I can really start getting things organized and nailed down for the vintage and antiques market!  It's been so hard to contact certain individuals that I really need to work with, because it seems everyone takes vacation during the Christmas holidays...special guests possibilities, magazines, etc. etc. etc.  I had to put it all on hold until the first of the year.  And it's all I can think about!  I am SO READY to get this ball rolling...

It seems a shame that I'm wanting the days to just go ahead and fly by, but I'm really excited about this....I can't even sleep at brain doesn't want to relax enough to drift off. So on this particular Saturday night, at 11:23, I'm up writing a post about it.  Maybe I'll get sleepy in a bit, but for right now, I'm searching "vintage finds" on the computer....

I'm looking  to see how people are using old, interesting, vintage pieces with their modern-day decor and daily living.  I thought it would be fun to share what I find, along with links to those sites that originally shared them.  (Links are located under each pic.)  

I hope you'll make plans to attend the market, because it is going to be fabulous...I have some pretty amazing vendors already lined up and they are busy pickin' and getting prepared for the market too.  It's looking like we'll have a nice mix of things. If you would like to jump on over and purchase a ticket, link is here.

I wonder if anyone will have vintage luggage pieces...they are so great for storage and they just look cool too!  I keep linens in a couple of mine, and since old luggage sometimes has a funky odor, I first spray the inside with fabreze, then after letting it dry, I add a piece of scented lingerie drawer liner paper.  It makes the linens smell of lavender or roses, whichever I've used...and it's pretty, usually printed with flowers.  


Sometimes it's nice to just pull together a collection of something (like the little brooms below) and put the pieces all in a container for display.  Several "same kind" objects displayed as a single element can look WAY more interesting than many little non-related things, which can just seem like a whole bunch of clutter. Organize those little treasures so that they're all hanging out with their own kind and it will make such a great statement...

Via Olive Vintage Finds

This is the way I like to store things in my home...aren't these baskets much prettier than plastic tubs? I will admit that it's easier to see what's inside a clear plastic tub, but you can make pretty little tags to hang off the front of the basket as a reminder of what's hiding inside.  I learned that tip from Martha Stewart years ago...yes, it seems Martha uses vintage baskets to organize too. 

Now, here's a pretty way to use some old canning jars!  Maybe one of the vendors will have some old Ball jars, and April will be just the right time of the year to start seeing and cutting pretty flowers as we greet spring.  I wonder what they used at the top...I'm thinking some circles of hardware cloth cut to fit the inside of the ring would work just right to hold the flowers in place.


Well, guess what?  It's midnight, and I'm feeling a little sleepy now.  Hope this is giving you some ideas about new ways to use old things...

See you in the next post, and thanks for dropping by!


  1. I love all of this - have some of those old suitcases! I am a totally vintage girl and cant wait for the market!!

    1. Can't wait to meet you! If you would like to see more ideas for those old suitcases, I just added a whole bunch of pins to my Pinterest page,

  2. Need to contact some of the Country Living Fair vendors - I bet they would love to come!

    1. I wonder where I can find that list....hmmm. Thanks! Good idea.